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It's Paradise Cove near Lonavla

Pawna lake camping near Mumbai & Pune, located about 16 km from Lonavala, is a beautiful location that is ideal for a great weekend getaway. Pawana Camping right by the lake adds on to the experience. By the day, you can take up recreational and outdoor activities at Pawna camping, relax and enjoy life at your own speed. At night, gather around the campfire (the much needed source of warmth for most nights) and bond over the hot served delicious food sprinkled with some fun stories with Pawna lake camping. You can also try your hand at cooking BBQ or just lie back and indulge in star gazing. All of these make Pawna lake camping an experience of a lifetime for you and your buddies. “Don’t just add years in your life, but add life in your years”.

If you’ve always wanted to go camping, but hesitated because of the lack of comfort, you’re not alone. Many others just like you face this same. In order to make camping even more accessible and enjoyable, we brings tents just for you, on the bank of beautiful lake Pawana. This way, when you stay in a special tent, you can experience the thrill of camping with the hygiene of a full furnished hotel room, all while you are at Paradise Cove Pawana.

With a dedicated sitting/dining area and a comfortable bed, you and your family can fall asleep to the sounds of chirping crickets and wake-up to the sounds of birds singing, when you stay in a special tent. Plus, there’s our helpful staff on hand to assist you in every way possible, to make your holiday extra exiting.

10+ Years of Experience in Camping.

As a service provider in hospitality industries, we always strive to serve our best. Still we believe in providing something more, there for your opinions matters the most and two words of appreciation may make our day. Please visit our page and share your experience of your visit at Paradise Cove Pawana.

We thank you all for your love and trust in us.